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Welcome to the "We Uplift" show hosted by 2 beautiful and bodacious Women Pryncess & Peaches who are dedicated to the collective healing and nurturing of their community, join them to discuss a range of topics in their interactive and engaging show.


A dynamic and creative pro active healer of the community.
Professionally an early years intervention and prevention practitioner.
Co director and Co founder of Womanhood Academy and Nzingaz, 2 organisations focused towards the empowerment and support of girls, women and their support networks.

Eves has 2 young Queens herself and believes in the value of self care, self acceptance and healing the healer.

Eves also has founded Superwoman Surgery which is solely geared towards women mothers in particular suffering from ‘superwoman syndrome’ which is a condition many black women suffer from where they put themselves under unrealistic pressure and do not reach out for help or priotise themselves.

Body beauty Embraced is another movement she has founded encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their natural bodies which is so important in todays society which is striving towards superficial perfection, creating an unrealistic expectation and unnecessary pressure.

Eves is also an advocate for healing the black family and rebuilding the village infrastructure to nurture and promote healthy functional black families, she is the host for Ebony Love a black dating event that explores underlying issues and encourages dialogue between both sexes in order to normalise openess and effective communication between our Kings and Queens.

Eves is also a gifted poet and has recently joined the black womens time poetry collective.
She also uses her skills to create stimulating poetry workshops in local schools and within the organisations she’s works with.

Acting and Modelling are 2 past times Eves thoroughly enjoys and partakes in classes and shows whenever she has time.

Poetry has been a passion of Eves since she has been able to write and has been writing since the tender age of 5, she often describes the messages within her poetry as ‘downloads from the ancestral realm’.

Eves only really began sharing her gifts with the world in 2019 and since then she has been recruited as a regular performer at Premier poetry, Londons finest and several other events have requested her to perform her soul rousing poetry.

Eves has a unique style which she describes as ‘substance and sauce’ she writes with a spiritual undertone woven within her words but also embraces her feminine energy and merges the 2 to create empowering pieces of poetry.

Eves plans to write and record poetry throughout 2020 in the hope not only to share her work with the world but to inspire and encourage others to embrace and showcase their own gifts.



The All Round Edutainer has proven to a wide audience that she is just that, naturally! Actress, Wordsmith, Radio Presenter, TV Presenter, Host, Poet, Writer and Inspiring Motivational Speaker.

She has developed quite a following, supported not just by her targeted audience but also by national and international media.

She has mastered her craft of engaging professionally and socially when communicating with any audience. With a microphone at her disposal for her to utilize she becomes a promotional wizard with her wordplay skills, leaving her audience wanting more.

A true jack of her trade, as some would like to express ‘she can sell water to a well’.

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